Does your commercial building need a window cleaning service?

You may think that you can easily skip out on window cleaning and it will have little effect, but have you considered all of the potential benefits? In this blog, we will attempt to answer whether you need a window cleaning service for your commercial building. Clean windows create a positive impression If your commercial […]

Why do industrial enterprises need contract cleaners?

To keep competitive, companies working in the industrial sector must optimise productivity and reduce lag and operational downtime. As a result, working environments like warehouses, distribution hubs, plants and factories must be kept in top condition. No operation can function without the people it employs, so it is also vital that an industrial workforce remains […]

How businesses can benefit from commercial window cleaning

Businesses looking to save money often skimp on cleaning their windows. Common tactics to keep costs down include getting staff members to wash them, getting them cleaned infrequently and, in some instances, leaving them to collect layers of grime. All these options add up to a false economy that instead of saving firms money can […]

What are the benefits of using professional school cleaning services?

Five days a week, pupils spend most of their time in school. It’s an environment engineered to enhance the learning process for children. Along with delivering a high standard of education, a prime concern of school heads and parents is the health and safety of their children. Germs and bacteria can be present everywhere in […]

Why your building project needs a professional cleaning contract

From residential developments providing new homes to office refurbishments, the UK construction industry is enjoying a roaring trade in 2022. Government figures show that construction output is currently experiencing the highest levels it has had since 2019 and excellent monthly growth. Skilled tradespeople work together to complete projects like plumbers, electricians, scaffolders, and bricklayers but […]

How to get hospital cleaning right

Cleaning hospitals is a major challenge. According to research, around 10 % of in-patients acquire at least one healthcare-associated infection during their stay. Worryingly, many succumb to their illnesses, highlighting the value of proper cleaning. But how do you get hospital cleaning right? Read on to learn more. Use the right disinfectants Not all disinfectants […]

Factory cleaning versus commercial cleaning: Is there a difference?

To casual observers, factory and commercial cleaning mean the same thing. However, there are differences between them. While factories are bona fide commercial ventures, their cleaning requirements are not the same as standard office blocks. What is commercial cleaning? Commercial cleaning takes place in offices, leisure centres, hotels and other buildings primarily designed to provide […]

Commercial kitchen cleaning hacks (to stop things getting really nasty)

Commercial kitchens should be the epitome of cleanliness. At the end of the shift, there should be nothing more than row upon row of shimmering stainless steel worktops flanked by clean hobs, grime-free extractor fans, and carefully-arranged refrigerators. Unfortunately, the reality can be a little different. Commercial kitchens are high-chaos environments. There’s so much going […]

4 steps to cleaner office reception areas

Office receptions are often the initial point of contact where companies introduce their business to customers. As a result, creating the correct first impression in this area is essential. However, receptions are busy hubs for most firms and need constant attention to ensure they always look their best. In this blog, we’ll look at four […]

Back to the office? How you can encourage reluctant employees

Over the past two years, when many employees worked from home, loneliness has been a common theme – and yet there is some real reluctance now that returning to the office is becoming more normal. So how can you encourage your workers to return to the office? We look at simple steps all employees can […]


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