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Kitchen and Canteen Cleaning

The cleaning and maintenance of food preparation areas must meet the highest standards of hygiene. No matter how effective the daily cleaning routines may be, grease and grime will begin to build up on extraction fans and canopy ducting, lights and light fittings, ceilings, floors and a whole host of hard to reach areas behind static equipment. ACC have the experience and the skills to carry out a clinical deep clean which will tackle areas overlooked by conventional cleaning techniques. Using steam extraction in addition to manual chemical cleaning, all surfaces, fittings and fixtures are left germ free, clean and ready for use.

Kitchen cleaning is seen as “Due Diligence”, helping towards minimising health risks. Since the introduction of the Food Safety Act 1990, and in the advent of further enforcements of this act like the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene Regulations) 1995 and Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006, stricter regulations are continually being enforced on the catering industry.

Kitchen deep cleaning is tailored to suit the individual needs of the customer. This encompasses structural cleans, high level work, ventilation canopies, hot cooking equipment, ancillary equipment, floors and complete kitchen deep cleans.

Our quality kitchen cleaning service is tailored to suit your requirements. Kitchen deep cleaning is scheduled to fit around the needs of the customer, which may include weekends or overnight cleans. Trained cleaning technicians will arrive at a time best suited to you to thoroughly deep clean your kitchen and bring it up to a standard that you will be proud of.

A full deep kitchen clean is not always an easy job, but we are able to make it appear so, and we do the job to a very high standard.  Taking the hassle away from you we will clean your entire kitchen from walls, floors and ceilings to extraction systems, canopies, fryers and cooking equipment, making sure that your kitchen complies with the current legislation

These services are especially useful for those considering kitchen refurbishment, upgrades or modifications, ensuring hygiene standards are satisfied prior to inspection.

No matter how effective your daily, weekly or monthly cleaning routines are there will be a progressive accumulation of soil.  Particularly grease on less accessible surfaces like canopies, ducts, light fittings, floors, walls behind equipment and ceilings. This operation generally requires the services of a professional contractor.

High Level, Overhead and Factory Cleaning

ACC provides a diverse and extensive range of industrial factory, warehouse, high level and overhead cleaning services for many national and international companies. Factory and warehouse cleaning works can include cleaning to a wide range of surfaces including the internal structure, high level racking, automated racking systems, flooring, roller shutter doors and internal & external cladding. Clients often require these environments to be upgraded in terms of cleanliness, possibly due to change of use, changes in goods and stock held or simply to satisfy the auditing procedures of a new or existing client.

As specialist factory and warehouse cleaning contractors we are involved with often very substantial buildings and warehouse premises, some are vacant, others are 24 hours, 7 days a week operations, where safety considerations are of paramount importance. In some circumstances we will already be carrying out factory cleaning services, such manufacturers may also have their own storage facility, we can also undertake a warehouse cleaning service.

We also clean cold storage facilities. These particular environments present unique cleaning problems, conventional cleaning procedures cannot be used as often operating temperatures can be -18 degrees. These facilities usually have insulated white wall cladding which can become quite soiled through air movement caused by chiller units and fork truck activities. As most are used for food storage, presentation of the environment is important.

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