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Whatever your working environment, keeping it clean should never be a compromise.


A clean environment encourages a productive workforce. It prevents health and safety nightmares. And most importantly, it portrays professionalism to your customers, making them like you, trust you, and want to do business with you.

At Associated Cleaning Contractors, we help schools, councils, retail, offices and factories across the North West stay spotless all year round, with anything from a single cleaner to full management of your whole site.

Here’s a little about who we are, what we do and who we work with…

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Our Promise To Your Organisation

ACC will take ownership of the inputs, environment, health & safety, standards, service performance, team development, innovation, sustainability and quality.

We will develop solutions that genuinely support your business goals, ensuring that your management teams are focused on your daily activities, safe in the knowledge that ACC are delivering service excellence in our cleaning provision to support your activities.

✓ Engagement

✓ Excellence

✓ Evolution

✓ Everyday

✓ Everywhere

✓ Every Business

Why Our Customers Choose Us?

Experts Services

We offer cleaning and maintenance services to offices, retail outlets, medical centres, schools, builders and factories. Everything from carpet and window cleaning, to waste disposal and the deep cleaning of industrial tanks. Plus janitorial, washroom and paper supplies.

Values and Ethos

As a family-run firm, teamwork, pride and passion for performance are at the heart of everything we do at ACC. We lead by example, always striving to innovate so that we always provide the best service for all of our customers and remain at the head of the UK cleaning industry.

We Are Accredited

Have confidence that we’re accredited by many leading regulatory bodies across the UK’s cleaning and health & safety industry. These include the British Institute of Cleaning Science, SMAS Worksafe, Federation of Window Cleaners, and Construction Line.

North West Based

Our huge North West client portfolio of over 750 contracts ranges from commercial outfits and retail stores to local authorities and heavy industry. This includes the supply of cleaning services to 400 schools across Bolton, Bury, Rochdale, Wigan and Manchester.

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What’s New

How to get hospital cleaning right

Cleaning hospitals is a major challenge. According to research, around 10 % of in-patients acquire at least one healthcare-associated infection during their stay. Worryingly, many succumb to their illnesses, highlighting the value of proper cleaning. But how do you get hospital cleaning right? Read on to learn more. Use the right disinfectants Not all disinfectants […]

Factory cleaning versus commercial cleaning: Is there a difference?

To casual observers, factory and commercial cleaning mean the same thing. However, there are differences between them. While factories are bona fide commercial ventures, their cleaning requirements are not the same as standard office blocks. What is commercial cleaning? Commercial cleaning takes place in offices, leisure centres, hotels and other buildings primarily designed to provide […]

Commercial kitchen cleaning hacks (to stop things getting really nasty)

Commercial kitchens should be the epitome of cleanliness. At the end of the shift, there should be nothing more than row upon row of shimmering stainless steel worktops flanked by clean hobs, grime-free extractor fans, and carefully-arranged refrigerators. Unfortunately, the reality can be a little different. Commercial kitchens are high-chaos environments. There’s so much going […]

Our Clients Say

Our Clients Say